Andrea Coates reviews Frank Hinton’s Action, Figure using dolls, rap, pagan rituals, hummus and large natural breasts. 


Yeah, y’All may have your NYC Readings with your kNown Alt Lit Types, but me, I got the Gibsons Public Library with my Fellow Small Town Canadians. ;) Here is a Series of Creepy Poems.

special birthday rite i performed for absorb uv da bunghole


Persephene Desirous  -  Andrea Coates & Jody Franklin

Andrea Coates is an interesting member of the alt lit community. she is very tenacious and outspoken, which are good qualities in an artist. at first she bothered me a bit with her posts about misogyny in vice and her constant, seemingly unwarranted criticisms of Tao Lin, but i’ve come around to liking her and i’m glad that there’s someone who isn’t afraid to call people on what she perceives to be bullshit. even when i was bothered by her i was still intrigued. being bothered is still a response, and any good art/artist should solicit a response, be it positive or negative. feel like she is sort of the antagonist of alt lit. that is probably a good thing to be. the worst thing to be is ignored. and she just wasn’t having any of that. I’m not really sure who Jody Franklin is, so, sorry Jody if I’m not mentioning you. i just mentioned you.

in their video, Andrea starts with talking about how difficult being an artist is due to the responsibility to truth. this is what keeps us revising and trashing things we’ve created that we aren’t happy with. i think that we can all probably identify with that. most of us don’t even feel comfortable labeling ourselves as artists because it makes us feel pretentious or we truly feel we don’t deserve the title.

once she gets going her narration runs the gamut between a cheerleaders cry, a guttural death metal growl, and children playing a clapping game a la “miss mary mack”. at one point it is reminiscent of Dee Snyder yelling about how he wants to rock. 

the video itself is hypnotic and the transitions are quite seamless. it moves in slow motion and creates a liquid effect with the lights. it looks like it was filmed on a cell phone, which i like. more artists should be working in the area of cell phone cinema. it’s time to step into the new age.

her rant made me laugh at points. i’m not completely sure if that was the intended effect, but i think it was. she is being sarcastic and having fun. this is important, especially in alt lit. a lot of alt lit just reflects crippling depression or apathetic/drug induced boredom. i enjoy that. but i think that having fun is important to the counterculture too. 

even though she’s being humorous, she still gets her message across. 

“i want cocaine snorted at the edge of a whirlpool bath

i wanna fuck the gearshift of a lexus”

she is anarchous but still wants to fuck motor vehicles and soak it up hot tubs with her soul mate, cocaine. i feel like the mark of the new age anarchist is that they don’t want to do away with capitalism but they want more capitalism. this is something i’ve seen with the occupy wall street crowd. those dudes sit outside and picket other dudes, but they don’t want to do away with the capitalist system at all. they want more money and stuff. this, to me, is an interesting phenomenon. a sign of the times i suppose.

what i like most about this is the embrace of the vlog. feel like there is going to be a rise in alt vlogging. alt vlogging is going to be the newest extension of alt lit. some people like Steve Roggenbuck have been working in this area for a while. feel like Chris Dankland has perfected it and should be seen as the father of alt vlog. any day now there will be an alt vlog zine out which only accepts video poems. perhaps i should start that. i won’t, but somebody should. 2013 is the year of the alt vlog, and Andrea Coates and her partner Jody Franklin are on the ground floor.

better get on board now.

original beard art

original beard art

Thirdspace Zine: HUNDY THOU answer "does feminism matter?"

My favorite rap crew, good pals Hundy Thou, talk feminism in the excellent Victoria feminist zine Third Space.  We need to see more dudes in the music scene follow their example as strong feminist allies. 



A couple of weeks ago we talked to Mark and Chris, Victoria rappers who compose Hundy Thou, about the place of feminism in music—specifically, feminism in relation to rap and hip-hop. These dudes are wicked smart and totally cool. Here’s what they said:

C = Chris, M = Mark, K = Kay, and F =…

The Alt Lit Press: Regarding Andrea Coates and her Novel in Progress, Splendid in/Sanity


andrea coates header.jpg

Surprisingly, Andrea Coates isn’t the only person paying attention to Andrea Coates’s writing anymore. Although she’s probably the most marginalized and ignored writer of Alt Lit, in terms of an output-to-feedback ratio or “buzz” or something, she’s probably the most spot-on critic of…

new film genres for 2013

after watching a bunch of mumblecore films, i figured i’d create some new film genres for 2013:

grumblecore: movies about people complaining
stumblecore: movies about people falling down
tumblecore: movies about gymnastics
rumblecore: movies about 50s greaser fights
bumblecore: movies about bees
gumballcore: movies about candy
fumblecore: movies about clumsy people
dumblecore: Harry Potter fan fic flicks
dumbbellcore: movies about working out
dumbocore: movies about elephants
crumblecore: movies that fall apart
jumblecore: movies about playing Scrabble
jumbocore: movies about behemoths
humblecore: auteur-free movies with zero publicity
mambocore: movies about dancing in Cuba
tumblrcore: moves about scrolling thru Tumblr

Solstice by jody franklin

music composed Solstice 2009, video shot + edited Solstice 2011, reposting one year later

Panic! @ Gospel Rock : 30 Sep 2012 
0:18 - Opening Ceremony by jody franklin
4:11 - 2012: Revenge of the Witches by Andrea Coates
5:33 - mskrtshmn + lion by Salish Sea
10:43 - improv by Matthew Lovegrove & Andrea Coates